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Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

  • Do the majority of your business revenues go towards daily ACH payments?
  • Did you personally guarantee your MCA loan?
  • Did the funder make you sign a COJ / Confession of Judgment or Agreed Judgment?
  • Is there a UCC filed against your business?
  • Are you paying a fixed amount on your MCA loan despite a change in your business cash flow?
  • Are funders, their attorneys or collection agencies calling, texting and harassing you?
  • Does your Credit Card Terminal have a lock box?
  • Do you need to change your MCA repayment schedule to monthly payments from daily?
  • Are your business or individual bank accounts frozen?
  • Have your clients or vendors been contacted by your Merchant Cash Advance funder?
  • Did you attempt to restructure payments to the Merchant Cash Advance funder due to a fluctuation in your sales volume and revenues? Was it granted?
  • Were you asked to put up any personal collateral like your residential home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact Grant Phillips Law, PLLC helping Texas Merchants. A law firm focusing on settling Merchant Cash Advance loans for clients across all 50 States. MCA Attorney Texas. Grant Phillips Law, your Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys Texas. Let us review your MCA contract for illegalities. Let’s settle your Merchant Cash Advance loan with your Texas Merchant Cash Advance Funder.

Texas Merchant Cash Advance Law

In Texas, Merchant Cash Advance law governs both Merchant Cash Advance Funders and Merchant Cash Advance Merchants. In Texas Merchant Cash Advance law, one of the most important factors in deciding a loan from a Merchant Cash Advance in Texas is whether the Texas Merchant must repay his Texas Merchant Cash Advance unconditionally (i.e. No matter what happens). When the repayment is unconditional and the merchant’s re-payment is absolute, no matter circumstance, then the Funder is committing usury as the Courts will find it to be a loan.

Remember under Texas Merchant Cash Advance law a merchant is only selling its future receivables if receivables are generated by the business. If the business does not generate sufficient receipts due to adverse business conditions, beyond the control of the merchant, the merchant cash advance funder must carry the loss. The merchant’s legal duty is to deliver future account receivables but only if the business is a going concern and generating receivables. 

In other words; Unconditional re-payment of a Merchant Cash Advance, is illegal in Texas.

You will find the Texas Merchant Cash Advance laws in Sections 306.103 and 306.001 of the Texas Code, where it states: “if the parties intend to enter a transaction to sell accounts at a discount and characterize the transaction as such, ‘it cannot be a loan or line of credit’ and any discount charged under such a transaction is not interest.”

The answer to dealing with these issues and laws and face a Texas Merchant Cash Advance funder on equal footing, is to fight back with the help and expertise of a Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorney. A Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorney will look to prove the deal illegal, flawed or fraudulent. Your Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorney will amongst many other legal tools argue some of the following (if applicable):

Prove the entire Texas MCA deal to be a loan and subject to Texas usury law.  A Texas Merchant Cash Advance funder claims their business to be legal, yet if you Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorney find faults and illegalities in the Texas Merchant Cash Advance Contract they will use this to force a settlement in your favor or sue the Texas Merchant Cash Advance funder for fraud.  These rights can be invoked and protected immediately upon retaining a Texas MCA attorney.  Select a Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorney to analyze your MCA Contact for flaws in the Texas Merchant Cash Advance Contract and look for over the Texas MCA contract for any flaw or illegalities in your Texas Merchant Cash Advance contract.

Don’t take it on the chin. Preserve your opportunity to get true justice for the crazy interest you have paid to the Texas Merchant Cash Advance funder who is debiting your business daily.

Texas Merchant Cash Advance lenders can be stopped from taking advantage of Texas Merchants. Remember, to be an MCA it better “walk, talk and act” like a Texas Merchant Cash Advance Law requires to be a legal Merchant Cash Advance versus a loan dressed up as a Texas Merchant Cash Advance Loan.

Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

Did you know?

New York (the epicenter of MCA) enacted a law in September 2019 banning New York Funders from issuing a Confession of Judgment to an out of State borrower like a Texas Resident. For example a borrower from Texas takes out an MCA from a New York based MCA funder, that funder cannot issue the Texas based borrowing merchant a Confession of Judgment / COJ.

  • Did you sign a Confession of Judgment?
  • Did you sign a legal document called an “Agreed to Judgment?

Contact the Attorneys at Grant Phillips Law, PLLC. Your Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys Texas to preserve your legal rights, enforce those rights and protect you and your business in Texas. Are you a Texas resident? Send Grant Phillips Law your Merchant Cash Advance contract for a free legal review and analysis for compliance with Texas law. GPL, your Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys. Fighting, Settling and Litigating for Merchants across Texas and the entire United States. 

The experienced and compassionate lawyers at Grant Phillips Law can help you evaluate your Merchant Cash Advance contract for strict compliance with the new Texas Law. Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas.

Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

Did you know?

Twenty Three (23) year ago information about Merchant Cash Advance loans became available and publicly accessible. Specifically, an individual by the name of Barbara S. Johnson is listed as the official inventor of split-funding, a system that allows for automatic loan repayment to the funders from a single credit card processor shared with the Merchant. Ms. Johnson obtained a Patent for this system in 1997. Her story is fascinating. Johnson was running four Gymboree Playgroup & Music franchises. Unable to get working capital to fund a summer marketing campaign, she wondered whether she could borrow against future credit card sales derived from parents bringing their kids back for fall classes. About a year later, Johnson and her husband founded Advance Me, a MCA Funder. Her Patented technology allowing for the splitting of credit card sales was a major step in the birth and growth of the MCA world. Later her company would become CAN Capital.

Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

Did you know?

The interest rate or effective APR is so excessive and in turn profitable for Merchant Cash Advance funders that large publicly traded companies have also entered the Merchant Cash Advance arena. Some examples include Shopify, Square, PayPal and even American Express. There are also major investment banks like Morgan Stanley backing several funders and hedge funds.

Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

Did you know?

The attorneys at Grant Phillips Law, PLLC have seen cases where the effective APR on a Merchant Cash Advance exceeded 1,900%

If you Merchant Cash Advance position is eating away at your business cash flow and revenues, don’t hesitate to contact Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Grant Phillips Law, PLLC – serving clients in Texas and across all 50 States. Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys.


Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

Did you know?

In Texas there is no licensing requirement to become an MCA lender or broker! Some States are beginning to take a look at this, but at present no background checks, licensing, bond requirements or laws exist, to govern the creation of a Merchant Cash Advance funder and or broker.

Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

You have questions: We have answers.

  • Is my bank account safe during settlement negotiations?
  • What is the Legal Representation fee?
  • Can you handle a settlement with any funder?
  • Do the lawyers at Grant Phillips Law review and inspect each contract and all accompanying paperwork for flaws, illegality or unreasonable clauses?
  • Will the funder continue to ACH my account during settlement negotiations?
  • Will the hiring of Grant Phillips Law end the phone calls, texts and constant harassment?
  • Should I change my credit card processing machine?
  • Should I switch my bank account?
  • What can I do during settlement negotiations?
  • How long does a settlement take?
  • Will a settlement show on my credit?
  • My funder is contacting my clients and receivables, will a settlement put a stop to it?
  • Is the law firm of Grant Phillips Law equipped to tackle any funder?
  • Can Grant Phillips Law represent me if I am a resident in a State out of Texas? Can you put an end to daily payments?
  • Are you able to put me into a Monthly payment plan?
  • Can you lower my principal?
  • What if I payoff my loan early?
  • How does a settlement work when I have multiple or stacked positions?
  • Does Grant Phillips Law obtain a formal Stipulation of Settlement Agreement documenting the settlement?
  • What happens to my Merchant Cash Advance loans if I file bankruptcy?
  • What happens to the personal guarantee when a settlement is reached?
  • If a Judgment has already been filed against my business and I, can it be vacated?
  • What is a reconciliation? How does it help me? Will it lower payments?

For answers to these questions and any other you may have, don’t hesitate to contact the Merchant Cash Advance Texas attorneys at Grant Phillips Law, PLLC. A specialized Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm, serving residents of California. Let us take the stress and sleepless nights away and help you get your business back on track. You have put in time, money, equity, experience and knowledge into building your business. It feeds you, supports your family, creates jobs and as such is worth fighting for. Let Us Help You! Grant Phillips Law, Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas



Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

Can Grant Phillips Law help me with my MCA positions?

Yes, Grant Phillips Law has successfully negotiated settlements with most of the Merchant Cash Advance funders existing throughout the United States. Our law firm has settled Merchant Cash Advance loans with almost every funder, Grant Phillips law has seen it and settled it. You’re Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys.


Merchant Cash Advance Attorney Texas

Which MCA funders has your Law Firm settled a Texas Merchant Cash Advance loan with?

The following is a sample list of many of the funders Grant Phillips Law have negotiated with successfully. Please note: if you do not see your specific funder listed, it is still very likely that we have negotiated and settled a Merchant Cash Advance loan with them but they are not listed here because this list is only a sampling of Merchant Cash Advance funders we have worked with:

1st Global CapitalBluevine Capital IncEpic Advance, IncInfinity Capital FundingMerchant Cash FundingQuick Cash Business Services
1st Global Systems (Hallandale)Boca Capital PartnersEverest Business FundingIou FinancialMerchant Cash GroupRapid Capital Funding
1St Merchant FundingBolstrExpansion Capital GroupIrn Payment SystemsMerchant Funding Services LLC (Yellowstone)Rapidadvance
6th Avenue CapitalBushwich Merchant ServicesExperience FinanceItriaMerchant Resources InternationalRedFynn
Accel Capital,Inc.Business Consulting OptionsExpress Working CapitalJet CapitalMerchants Capital AccessRegalcapital,Inc.D/B/Aregalcaptalgroup
Accel Direct Funding, LLCBusiness Credit And CapitalFactor FundingKabbageMFS GlobalRetailcapital / Credibly
Accord Business FundingBusiness Financial ServicesFinancing Solutions LLCKalamata CapitalMl FactorsRichmond Capital
Ace Funding Source, LLCCan CapitalFinish Line CapitalKash CapitalMoney For MerchantsRomi Merchant Services
Ach CapitalCan CapitalFirst DataKingdom KapitalMother FundingSecond Chance Funding, LLC
Ach Capital, LLCCan Capital (Continued)Fora FinancialKings Cash Group, LLCNational FundingSmart Business Funding
Advance Funds NetworkCapcall LLCFora Financial Business Loans, LLC.Knight Capital FundingNational Funding IncSmart Choice Capital
Advanced Merchant ServicesCapital Advanced ServicesForward FinancingKnight Capital FundingNew Era Lending LLCSnap Advance
Aj Equity GroupCapital For MerchantsForward FinancingLandmark Funding, LLCNew Logic Business LoansSnap Advances
Aliant Payment SystemsCard Payment SolutionsForward Line Financial Nextwave Enterprises, LLC.Solupay
Alpha Capital Source, Inc.Cash Cow Capital LLCFox Business Funding NextWave FundingSOS Capital
Amazon Capital ServicesCenterboard FundingFundationLegend Funding (No Coj)On DeckSpg Advance LLC.
American Allied FundingCentral Diligence Group (Cdg)Fundation Group, LLCLendfiOne Park FinancialSrs Capital Funds
American Capital AdvanceCFG Merchant SolutionsFundboxLending ClubPar FundingSterling Funding
American ExpressCfg Merchant SolutionsFunding CircleLendioPayabilityStrategic Funding Source
American Finance SolutionsCommercial Merchant FundingFunding Circle (Fc Market Place)LendrPaypaySuperior Capital
American Merchant Receivables LLCCommonwealth Merchant Advance, Inc.Funding Metrics, LLC. (Lendini)Lendr Aka Lendr.Online, LLC.Pearl BetaSwift Capital
American Stimulus FundingCorona AdvancesFundworksLiftforwardPearl CapitalThe Business Backer
Americas Business CapitalCorporation Service CompanyFundzioMantis FundingPinnacle Merchant AdvanceTrsource,LLC.
Amerimerchant/CapifyCorporation Service Company (Continued)Gbr Funding IncMaverick CapitalPirs CapitalTsvidavisa/K/Astevedavis
ArcariusCredibility Capital IncGibraltar Capital AdvanceMax AdvancePlatinum Funding ServicesTzvireicha/K/Asteve Reich
Arf FinancialCrediblyGreen CapitalMax Merchant FundingPledgeCapUnited Payment Services
Balboa CapitalCredibly – Retail Capital LLCGreen Growth FundingMckenzie Capital LLCPowerup Lending Group, Ltd.Uplyft Capital
Balboa Capital CorporationDb Squared IncGreenbox CapitalMerchant AdvancePremium Merchant Funding One, LLCViking Funding Group
Bankcard Funding/Partners FundingDf Merchant AdvanceGrp FundingMerchant Advance Funding LpPrimary CapitalWall Funding
Bankers Healthcare Group Inc.Direct Capital CorporationGtr Source, LLC.Merchant Advance PartnersPrincipis Capital LLCWall Street Funding
Beacon Payments, LLC.Direct Merchant Funding LLCHappy Rock Merchant SolutionsMerchant Advance PayProfessional Merchant Advance CapitalWellen Capital (Gibraltor)
BFS CapitalEbf (Everest)Hop CapitalMerchant Business Credit, Inc.Promed Healthcare FinancingWorld Business Lenders
Bitty LLCEin CapHunter CarolineMerchant Capital SourceProsperity Gold CapitalWorld Global Financing
BizfiElevate FundingICBA BancardMerchant Cash Advance Of TexasQuarterspot IncWPrincipis Capital
BizfundsEmpire FundingIn AdvanceMerchant Cash And CapitalQuick Bridge FundingYalber
     Yellowstone Capital


If you are a Texas resident or have a Texas business and have taken out an MCA position with an MCA funder, whether the funder is based in Texas or anywhere across the entire United States, contact the law firm of Grant Phillips Law, PLLC. We are Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys with the knowledge and experience to handle all your Texas Merchant Cash Advance positions, even if they originated from outside Texas for example New York State. If you signed a Confession of Judgment with your MCA Contract, reach out to your Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorney for help and advice.  516.670.5165 www.grantphillipslaw.com 

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