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Are you being sued by your credit card company, a debt collector or collection law firm? Do you need Credit Card Debt Defense?

With a decline in income the amount of your debts can increase rapidly. Credit cards may seem like a solution to paying for urgent every day items. Later the charges add up. And minimum payments are missed and before you know it, at no fault of your own, your facing a credit card lawsuit and need a credit card lawsuit attorney to help.. 

We at Grant Phillips Law, PLLC can help you! Talk to one of our Debt Defense Attorneys because knowing the law and protecting your rights is important. 

Credit Card lawsuits can be beaten and settlements reached. 

Grant Phillips Law regularly settles consumer and individual unsecured credit cards anywhere from 20 to 70% off principal. Credit Card Debt Lawyer can be settled and defended without needing to file bankruptcy.

Sometimes people ignore their delinquent credit card accounts. It can ruin your credit and force a Judgement against you visible to all as a public record. The interest rates and APR is so high it may feel impossible to eliminate the debt. Let us put our debt settlement experience of 20 years to work for you. There is no debt too large and no funder or creditor too intimidating. 

Let Grant Phillips Law show you Stress Free Debt Relief.  Let’s engage the creditor or their attorneys, negotiate the law and reach a quick and amicable, full and final settlement. This is our methodology. To the point. Defending Credit Card Debt head on. 

Sued for credit card debt? You have rights and you can pay back less than you owe. For Get out of Credit Card Debt then contact us to our Credit Card Debt Attorney.

At Grant Phillips Law, PLLC we are ready to support you every step of the way. Our team is professional and experienced and the firm only uses the finest technology to handle your case efficiently and cost effectively, all while providing expert Credit Card Debt Defense and Credit Card Legal Services. 

In fact, you will always get a shoulder to lean on here at Grant Phillips Law and a tailor made solution to your specific case facts and desired outcomes. 

No matter how challenging the situation is, DONT IGNORE. Collection attorneys collect 80% of their judgments by default. In other words by you simply ignoring and not responding to the lawsuit. 

Do not feel hopeless and helpless simply because you think your debt is too big or creditor actions are too overpowering. Our qualified and experienced Credit Card Debt Lawyers can take your stress away in no time at all.

We can help you move forward so you can start living credit card free and without debts. Once you call us, we will respond to your Credit Card Lawsuit and offer the most comprehensive legal solutions you deserve. When you hire one of our attorneys, they will represent you zealously and do everything in their power to minimize the amount you owe. 

Credit Card Debt Defense Attorneys You Trust

We pride ourselves on helping as many debtors as possible. If you are one of those debtors who struggles to make ends meet, opt for our options and you won’t regret it. We are able to assist you in overcoming aggressive creditors effectively and quickly. Remember that giving up because you feel broke, guilty, ashamed, stressed or embarrassed will not stop the harassment and damage to your credit. Contact our credit card debt attorney that will help to tackle your credit card debt and settle and all Credit Card Lawsuit. Just because you may have defaulted on a credit card, doesn’t mean hope is lost. You have Laws protecting you as the debtor too! Grant Phillips Law will make sure these rights are upheld and your lawsuit stopped immediately as we embark on effective Credit Card Settlement negotiations

A sense of helplessness can enable your debt collector to win the Credit Card Lawsuit. However, here at Grant Phillips Law we lean on our industry expertise, vast experience and success to counter act aby collection tactics, pending a full and final settlement.

When it comes to fighting, defending or settling a CreditmCard Lawsuit, experience matters! Grant Phillips Law, PLLC has been making banks, debt collectors and debt buyers prove their case and settle for far less than owed for over 20 years.

Don’t give up. Give us a call.

20+ years. 

Millions of dollars successfully settled. 

Negotiating with all collections Law firms or debt collectors. 

Thousands and thousands of happy settled clients. 

English and Spanish.

Absolutely no office visit necessary.

Settling and litigating credit card debt throughout NY State. 

Special focus on rebuilding credit tips post settlement. 

Custom Solutions to Every Person

Grant Phillips Law is famous for its professionalism and creative legal strategies. You are only one call away from getting personalized Debt Settlement Legal services.

So schedule a free consultation and let us reduce your financial stress. We understand what you are going through and at Grant Phillips Law we truly believe in helping committed people who have found themselves in difficult situations.

Look no further, we stop credit card lawsuits, remove wage garnishments and put a stop to creditor harassment.

Let’s get to work! 

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